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Thread: Leica binocular objective covers.

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    Leica binocular objective covers.

    Im after some objective covers for my 10x42 leica bn"s,does anyone know where i can get them from,sothwest optics said they had some, then said they couldnt get any.
    Cheers JOHN

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    Contact Leica Camera UK direct, they sent out a pair for me next day F.O.C


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    So far I have gone through four pairs for my Geovids - a real pity as otherwise they are lovely kit.

    Starting to get frustrated now!



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    Thanks Moses,I got intouch with Leica today and they where first class,they could not be more helpfull.They are going to send me a pair of covers out in the post free of charge.Hows that for service.
    Many thanks again Moses.

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