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Thread: ballistic tips for deer

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    ballistic tips for deer

    This topic has probably been covered before so I apologise now.
    I shoot all my deer from muntjac through to reds with my 30.06 and 150gn bullets and all vermin with 22.250 ballistic tips,
    I have just returned from a trip to Ireland on the sika and was told by the stalkers that they favour shooting all their
    deer with ballistic tips, I just would like to know what other people think.

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    Do they use varmint or hunting type ballistic tips?

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    Head or neck shot? Nozler balistic tip every time

    I want maximum expansion maximum damage The exit wounds with the BTs are massive but if I dont get an exit wound thers a huge amount of internal trauma nothing could survive

    Heart shot? soft point I like the Federal Power Shock BTs do too much dammage

    My prefered head shot at the moment is the 243 as I have found the expansion with Nozler tips to be very destructive

    My Feranchi (SP) 308BTs 150g seemd to go through and through which was a bit concerning I shot one in the ear a few weeks ago and it came out the cheek bone with a hole I could fit the tip of my finger in. The dear acutaly spun over in mid air and droped on the spot but I wasent happy with the compact exit wound

    I am now trying Nozler 125g 308 and Hornaday 150G SST 308 home loads to see if that makes a diferance, but havent had the chance to use them yet.


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    To be honest with you I never asked.
    what is the difference , and would you get varmint in 30.06?

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    As far as i can remember all BTs heavier then the 25 cal 85grain are of the hunting type.Ian.

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    Chasey when you go stalking if you have a deer that doesn't present its self for a head or neck shot and you have ballistic tips
    would you still take the chest shot. Also the stalkers in Ireland told us to pin the sika straight through the shoulders, not just behind

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    I don't believe it's that difficult to understand that a 'Ballistic Tip', BT, or whatever you want to call it bullet, can come in either a hunting or varmint version to suit whatever quarry you intend to use it on?

    Essentially they're just hollow point bullets with a plastic plug in the 'ole.

    Just have a gander at the Nosler website for information on their variety of plastic tipped projectiles:

    For varmint BT bullets:

    For hunting BT bullets:

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    The only Ballistic Tip that I have used on deer ( Whitetail ), is the 7mm 120-gr BT from a 7mm-08. This bullet has a thicker jacket than the other 120-gr 7mm bullets, because they know someone is going to hot rod it out of a .280 or 7mm Rem Mag. So, at 7mm-08 or 7x57 Mauser velocities of 2,800 to 3,000 fps ( even downloaded to 2,600), it performed perfectly, not coming apart, making a mess, or drilling through. Very accurate, too.

    At those velocities, appropriate for the range, the traditional Sierra or Hornady 120-gr will work very, well, too.

    But a different BT in a different cartridge may not work as well as these do for me.

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    From personal experience 150gr ballistic tips by norma and federal work extremely well on roe, fallow and red hinds (never shot a stag).

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    If you shoot Sika with any frequency under Irish conditions, you'll soon want to hit them as hard as possible to anchor the brutes. Very few bullets do this as well as a BT.

    Mostly I have used 120gr in 6.5mm, but also 130's in 270 and my buddy who shoots a fair few every year uses 150gr in 30/06.

    Those deer are tough. I have found the 6.5 to be an excellent Sika killer with reasonable meat damage, and nearly always get an exit.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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