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Thread: Red hind abourted calf remains

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    Red hind abourted calf remains

    Last night I shot a what appeared to be a yeld hind in a group of 15 hinds and calfs also shot a Hummel stag in the same group firstly the stag was in poor condition for his body size oviously the rigours of the rut in the larder he went 150 lbs so still not small but should of been a lot bigger the hind was in tip top condition with intestines covered in fat to the point that I could hardly see them her kidneys were so covered I removed a carrier bag full of fat from around them on inspection of the graloch her spleen was red and blotchy but the reason being Id say was because she was still carring the bones of last years calf in her womb , finding this is a first to me other than this was super fit and weighed in at 160 lbs so a good hind
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    Thanks for the photos - very interesting. I think I've seen that reported once before on here.

    Re: the hummel, do you still have the head by any chance? Reason for asking is that I know morena (the SD Site vet) was looking for hummel heads a few years ago for research purposes, and he may still want them. If you do have it, you might want to drop him a PM.
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    Yes still got hummels head I'll pm him was pleased with taking both beasts perfect two cull animals

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    I can't quite tell how big those bones are, but this might have been a malpresentation that has died and slowly rotted. Have a good look at the lymph nodes, but I suspect they'll be OK.

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    Yes all modes were normal only thing suspect was the Splean which was slightly shrunk and red blotchy other than that I a very good conditioned deer

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    Amazing sometimes how an individual animal's body will overcome and deal with a situation that will kill most!
    Have seen this a couple of times in sheep - a skeleton of full term dead lamb that obviously couldn't be born due to a malpresentation - still in the ewe.

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