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Thread: Classic Rifle Blueing ( Reblueing?)

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    Classic Rifle Blueing ( Reblueing?)


    I am about to purchase a 30 year old rifle where the blueing has started to bloom.

    It is mechanically sound, I have bought a left handed stock of the genre and everything is looking good.

    However at some point I will need to get the barrel and action blued/reblued , before it can sit happily in my house.

    The Airgun guys recommend a very nice guy called Colin from near Manchester, however I was wondering if there's are any blueing experts up here in the heart of hunting land.

    I am surprised my googling showed zero many rifles up here and serious weather....?


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    There a lot of places offering hot caustic bluing (essentially black sometimes with a tinge of blue or brown depending on mix)
    fewer places do traditional rust bluing, mainly due to the huge cost difference and time involved

    what are you after?

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    Andy Coull @ Osborne Guns in Aucterhouse near Dundee?

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    I assume they will have to have an RFD to take posession?

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    Of course, Andy is probably Scotlands top gunmaker.

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    Precision Rifle Services Ltd
    Manufacturer of custom rifles, also offering re-barreling and stock machining.

    lambic, I believe Callum Ferguson quite close to you does reblueing..jc

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    To be honest I am not sure what I need, it is a Mk 1 Theoben Eliminator FAC air rifle. I am guessing traditional?

    I will be going to PRS and MacLeods on Friday, so will ask around.

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    Thanks Red-Dot
    Will send an email.

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    I use traditional slow rust blueing looks much nicer but takes longer therefore costs more. I suspect your gun was hot blacked at the factory.

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    Thanks WW. Just got a price from Andy Coull - approximately twice that of Colin from Manchester Airguns. Trying to find out if it is slow rust blueing or hot dip. Any advice ?

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