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    Ok, which of you sad old gits is watching BBC2, Top of the Pops from the '80s and saying 'oh yeah, this was good' or 'I had a shirt like that'..... hope its not just me!

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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    Yep just been mesmerised by Yazz and her incredibly bouncy breasts and now the singer from black box...........
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    Fire up the Quatro !

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    Quatro! ..... I wish, I had a Tomos moped then a Hillman Avenger!

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    I HAD a Quattro... nice!!

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    Yep, just been watching it. My young wife just cant understand why we used so much hair spray and wore realy bad clothes back then.

    Personally the 80's ruled

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    Ahh, took me back, though I was just a whipper snapper then. I remember when Black Box's Ride on Time came out, I was on camp with the ATC at Rudloe Manor, felt like a real soldier! I was only 13!
    A bloke I work with reckons one of his mates got his leg over with Lisa Stansfield......and there are details if anyone is interested
    My wife interviewed Carol Dekker a while back aswell. Anyone want her number, she'd like that I'm sure

    Living in the past

    Hillman Avenger....We had an Austin Princess, luxury! "An excellent car, marred only by poor reliability".
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