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Thread: Forth Road Bridge

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    Forth Road Bridge

    So if you were a director of a private company and an accident had resulted you would face serious prosecution and a media storm, yet only the Sunday post and press and journal are covering this.

    Why wasn't this fixed five years ago? Experts blast Forth Road Bridge chaos - The Sunday Post - The website of Scotland's favourite family newspaper since 1914

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    It looks like opinions vary from it will be fixed by January 2016, it wont be fixed until December 2016, it wont carry hgv's again or it will be scrapped once new bridge is finished who knows.

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    The Scotsman and the Edinburgh Evening News have covered this too:

    This time of year is often bad enough for commuting as it is. It must be rotten for the folks caught up in this on a daily basis.

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    Must be the fault of the wicked Tory's

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    Bring back the ferry.

    That used to be the highlight of my journey back to The Kingdom.

    I feel for the people affected by the closure - the chaos must be immense.
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    Yes the chaos is immense. The alternative is to go via the M9 and Kincardine bridge, or to go onto Stirling and up the A9.

    But it given all the roadworks for the new bridge, the M9 has lots of works on it so down to single lane in places. The actual Forth Road Bridge has been a car park for a good while and a couple of weeks ago it took hours from centre of Edinburgh to just the other side, leaving here at midday so not exactly peak rush hour.

    Given that there have major speed restrictions and jams on the bridge it's been very heavily laden, and stop start traffic will put additional forces on it. Think about, steady traffic moving at 50 mph will be three car lengths plus apart. Stop start traffic - one car length apart so two or three time the number of vehicles actually on the bridge. And think of the juddering big trucks cause when they stop - multiply that several times across one trip across the bridge and then they wonder they have damage.

    They are saying the new bridge will be finished sometime next year - not a chance according to those who work on site.

    I wonder if they are using the bridge closure to get on with all the works either side of the bridge. That would be sensible thinking.

    but we are told that lots of public transport is now in place - so everything is ok then.

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    An engineer friend of mine worked on the bridge and advised me of these issues, and more, about 10 year ago. The bridge itself has a number of inherent design flaws and defects which they have been trying to manage for a while now. They'll keep it going until the new ones up and then drop it as its a massive liability.

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    It's a six inch crack, weld it FFS?

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    Making the bridge toll-free (a great vote buyer!!!!) took 12 million a year out of the repair budget. But a few more people probably voted SNP so that is OK then.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    Making the bridge toll-free (a great vote buyer!!!!) took 12 million a year out of the repair budget. But a few more people probably voted SNP so that is OK then.

    Thing is ....Is Nicola S Scotlands saviour or going to be our big downfall, free this ,free that, political correctness squelching out of her, tell everybody what they love to hear..... a big agenda on her lap I think, I worry .

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