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Thread: 17 HMR moderator

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    17 HMR moderator

    Ok what is the quietest moderator on the market for a the17 i have put in for a 17 and a 22 i went out for a trial the 22 seemed to be wonderful with subsonic amo but the 17
    was just the loudest thing on earth at 2500fps the sound barrier gets a big hit it seemed to out do a 6.5x55 a 70 yard bunny just fell over now here is the rub his mates did the off
    thanks for looking
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    A SAK is about the most cost effective. A LEI can match the dia of some barrels and look reet sexy.
    To be honest the term 'quietest' is often subjective so everyone swears their choice of mod is the quietest..............

    Don't spend too much money on a mod for an HMR, beyond a certain point you won't see a noticeable return for your investment.

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    Hardy (Riflecraft) do a dedicated .17 moderator V light and quiet, expensive for an HMR. Meant more for the centre fire market but I'm sure v good on an HMR.

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    Wildcat Whisper, but there really isn't much between any of them.

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    SAK 30ish, you can pay a lot more for not much better

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    I did some reserch and the Wildcat Whisper is aparently the quiet one bt its all relative as its still damed loud

    Its a quality bit of kit with a price that reflects that, and it looks the nuts but frankly its still damed loud.

    Stick stingers through your 22 and you will hear the problem. Any buillet that breaks the sound barrier will go bang

    They must use very slow 9mm amo on TV


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    I have had a DM-80 moderator in .17HMR for some 7 years now and it works well, but no moderator will moderate the sound of the supersonic crack the bullet makes after it has left the barrel and moderator.
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    Swift Precision Nightingale

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    My mate and I both shoot HMRs... I have a CZ him a Savage .... with Sak mods.... he recently acquired a T12 mod and tried it on the HMR.. boy did it make a difference... eliminating the sharp crack from the shot.. substantially quieter than the Sak on mine. We were both really impressed. Yes it is about twice the weight of the Sak but he thinks that it is worth it for the noise reduction.


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    ASE Utra Rimfire is the best I've tried out of SAK, Sirocco and ASE, also tried the early DM80 off my hornet on my 0.22WMR recently and the ASE beat it hands down, accuracy wise too.

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