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Thread: Lab x GWP

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    Lab x GWP

    Recently lost my old GWP and after some serious thinking have decided a lab x GWP is probably the way to go
    Mrs Marrajack adored the old pointer but I fancy something slightly easier to train and bond with my terrier and cocker
    she has ruled out WHV and Musterlander for me ha

    i was wondering if anyone knows of any working wire Lab litters due - first cross or more wire than lab due in new year ?

    i could only take a bitch pup by the way and thanks for any help in advance

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    If you want a WHV or a Munsterlander I cannot understand why you would heed any naysayers. Life's too short.

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    When the nay sayer is Mrs Marrajack I have to listen ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by marrajack View Post
    When the nay sayer is Mrs Marrajack I have to listen ha
    Shrewd move !

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    I've had GWP's and Labradors Mrs Marrajack won't thank you if the Lab x GWP moults like a Labrador!

    Like I said, had both breeds and I can't imagine a cross being anything but a great hunting companion.

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    I've got one, 50/50 but looks more like a GWP in coat and stature.
    Been very easy to train, has a very good nose and tracking ability (don't start all you pure breed guys I know they're better) but mine has tracked over a mile on slots only and has more than proven herself on more than one occasion. She is biddable and calm. Loves to play and is very attached to me, as am I to her.
    99% of the time she makes stalking more enjoyable rather than less.
    Just what you're looking for, and if you've got enough money I'll sell her. But I hope you've won the lottery cause she ain't cheap!!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks the very type - and sounds just the job, will get a ticket for the euros !!

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    wood master how much do they sell for

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSTYMOO View Post
    wood master how much do they sell for
    Mine has got to be worth a million GBP (especially as really that paper they give us ain't really worth the trees it took to make it).
    I bought mine of Mike (Wrenmews) on here. He was very sensible with price which I think was £250 or there abouts. She was a cross of two good dogs and was planned rather than any old cross.
    To be honest I think if you were to value a dog at less than £250 you'd have to ask yourself if you ought to be buying one!!
    I will say that if you find one that you're half as happy with as I am, you wouldn't mind paying more.

    Of course there are pure bred dogs that will have a greater ability at their individual specialisms, but if you've not got the need of such a dog, or don't expect to put it to it's full potential then this cross is worth a look IMO.
    Others will have a different view of which there is merit, but one should buy what they feel "right" and not necessarily be pushed down a particular road.

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