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Thread: Dead easy woodpigeon & sausage rolls

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    Dead easy woodpigeon & sausage rolls

    Tried this recipe for the first time on Sunday and they are flaming lovely, so much so that they are all gone already!!

    4 pigeon breasts
    8 plain pork sausages (I used 60% pork ones from Aldi for 89p)
    2 tsp fresh chopped sage
    1 tsp ish dried thyme
    1/2 tsp ish garlic powder
    Salt and ground black pepper to season
    Ready roll puff pastry (Again Aldi coz it comes pre rolled and is lovely)
    Beaten egg for sealing the pastry and glazing

    Whiz the breasts through a blender, split the sausage from the skins and mix together with the rest thoroughly with your hands.
    Open the pastry, roll it out and slice in half long ways giving 2 x 6" ish strips
    Make 2 long sausages out of the mix, place on pastry and fold over (using the egg on one edge to stick) pinching the edges together tightly
    Glaze the top and cut into equal bits onto a baking tray
    Into pre-heated oven 180 degrees fan assisted for 35 - 45 minutes.
    Let em cool for a bit if you can before tucking in


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    Thanks, will give them a go. I do like Aldi - does the job for most things for about half the price of the big supermarkets.

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    Top tip if have very fussy kids. Who won't eat veg....
    They packs of veg you get in a bag for two minutes in microwave?

    Take them nuke em then mush into purée almost. Add to the mince and "hide " it in there .

    They won't notice


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    I just tell the kids to sit there and eat what's on the plate. No if's or buts just get it ate. But good tip if you ain't a miserable git like me.

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    I tried that old school method , as in, that's it plate stays there till eaten and that's that!

    Doesn't work with autistic kids .

    I wish to heaven or whoever that if I told em to sit n eat what was in front of them it would happen.

    Not gonna! Sooooo you learn to get bit sneaky , bribery .....etc etc


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    Like I said I'm a miserable old git. If the method works and gets good grubin them that's all that counts. I do like the sound of the recipy and will give it ago me thinks. Plenty pigeon sitting up the thorn bushes I can pick off with the air gun while eating my lunch.

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    Nah your not a miserable git I bet, just someone with good upbringing & manners , & now instilling same into yer own ,
    Nothing wrong with that , in fact if more were like that world be a better place

    Here's to you n yours


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    Pigeons are out of the freezer, looking forward to trying these, I like to do different things with my game. Pheasant pâté' on toast this morning.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pheasant sausages , surprising how much meat get off a few birds


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    Try some spring cabbage with a spoon full of mustard in the boiling pan it turns it golden yellow ,

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