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Thread: longbow night sight

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    longbow night sight

    hi guys iam thinking of getting one of these anybody got any comments on this type cheers

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    The Longbow NV from starlight is the best Nv ive ever had, its not the cheapest, the picture is great and the distance you can see is amazing, plus its a good day scope,get one you wont regret it,

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    ive never used one in its daytime mode but i have used a couple at night and yes they are very good peices of kit but lets just say i dont find starlight the best company in the world to deal with

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    Hi dave, if you want a demonstration of one. Send me a pm. A few of my mates have them. Iv got 2. Excellent bits of kit.

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    I've had a Longbow for almost 10 years, it cost a lot of money but I've never regretted it for a moment. The best day/night vision set up out there

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