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Thread: .260 Ack Imp Dies

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    .260 Ack Imp Dies

    Redding .260 Ack Imp dies
    -Micro Adjust Seating Dies
    -Bushing F/L Die
    -Neck Die
    -F/L Die
    -Seater Die
    150 posted

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    Do you shoot this calibre? If so, i'd be interested to hear about it..


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    I used to shoot this calibre but have since sold the rifle and other things have taken over so not sure I will be using these, hence selling.

    However, I absolutely loved the calibre. I had shot it out to 1500yds+ with great success. really does buck the wind well and is pretty darn flat. Its not that expensive to run compared to the equivalent bigger cals and easier on the shoulder/recoil.

    It does put people off with having to fireform but the forming loads were just as accurate and no reason why they shouldn't be! You can specify neck turned or no neck turn but if your going down this route you might aswell go the whole hog and have a tight neck....

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    Were you using 140gn VLDs or something through it? What velocities did you achieve through what length barrel?



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    I tried 140gr & 142gr SMK with various powders but could quite easily get 3000fps!!! and tried N160 & N165, Ramshot Wild Boar & Hunter and H4350.

    I settled on Berger 140gr Hybrids with N165 and 2936fps ES7 (I think, I would have to check my log books) as N165 is one of the coolest burning powders and barrel friendly.

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    And what length barrel? Sorry for all of the questions.. I used to shoot 7-08 and really liked it but like 140gn bullets for deer and 6.5 cal. I currently shoot 6.5x284 and cant touch 3000fps from a 24'' tube. (With H4831sc)

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    140gr Berger Hybrid with a 26" tube

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    Thats pretty good as youll be using less than 50gn of powder i guess? I remember the 7-08 was incredibly efficient. Not that recoil bothers me, but i like to regain sight picture ASAP, how what would you compare the .260AI to? Im guessing that a 140gn bullet being launched at 2900+ fps will give similar recoil to a 6.5x284 doing the same..?

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    I was using a muzzle brake so could easily keep on target and watch the bullets hit! pretty awesome seeing the bullets trail...

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    Happy New Year

    Still for sale

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