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Thread: zeroing my 17hmr...

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    zeroing my 17hmr...

    hi, picked up my 17 hmr from a friend, and i set about zreoing it,, it is second hand and i am using 17 grain Remington.

    i was getting okish (inch and half) groups at 50 yards at the end of the first bout of 10 shots so i then mooved the target out to 100 yards, and it all went to pot, i couldent get it to group at all with them all spreading within a ten inch circle. i was shooting off a bipod, with a coat under the stock so i dont see how i could be a problem

    i am going to try some difrent ammunition as i think that is the problem, could it be that i need to clean it after evry 5 shots or so? it is a savage with heavy barrels if it helps and i have read they are very ammo sensitive

    thanks for your help in advance

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    If u have a mod fitted make sure it is tight. Check that the stock is tight on the action, I don't think ammo will make that big a difference to hmr at least to mine it doesn't. I also don't clean mine too often except when tbd groups start to open a bit.


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    thanks, yeah its all solid and i havent cleaned it, but its only had 50 rounds through it since it was last cleaned.
    i can only think of it not liking the ammo :/

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    Check everything is tight and go back to 50yards again. If its fine at 50, move the target out to 75yards and group, then out the 100 when you're happy with the group at 75. Check everything is tight each time you move the target until you're happy that nothing is working loose. Don't forget to check the bipod as well as the scope mounts and rails etc.

    As for cleaning, I've found that the smaller bores (.22rf and .17hmr) work better when they are not cleaned too often. I target shoot .22rf and clean about every thousand rounds or so (usually in between batches). For my .17hmr I'll clean about every 200 rounds. This is about every 4 months for each rifle. (I clean my fullbore .308 after every stalk)

    Sorry - just submitted to see your reply. OK if all is tight, then your best bet is to note the group size with that ammo and try some different stuff. If you get the same large groups with a number of brands of ammo, it's either you or something else on the rifle!
    If you are a member of a club, ask to see if other members will let you try some of their ammo - its a lot cheaper than buying full boxes and often finds a shooting buddy...
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    i just looked at the bbc weather forcast and it said there were 10 mph winds when i was shooting although i didnt notice it, could this have been the cause , i thought it could be but they werns spread out in any particular pattern just compleatly random, i think ill try it on a completly still day and if that fails then try difrent ammo

    thankyou for the replies.

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    Dont see the reason for going from 50yd then 75 then 100. If the group is reasonable at 50 you should be able to go straight to 100 especially as this round is suppose to be so flat shooting. JMO of course.

    I would normally start at 25 yds then go out to 100.
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    i think it may have been ok at 50 becuse the wind wasnt getting at it as much as at 100, so i think ill try it with less wind and se if it was the reason,
    ill update when the wind dies down ( optimisim

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    I had a problem with mine when I let a back shed bodger screwcut mine for a moderator, as he did the process while I waited I asked him if it would need recrowning, "no it'll be fine" he said. I then had the same sort of grouping that you are experiencing, so it may be worth checking the crowning. Still, I did learn a good lesson, get the best and cry once.

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    aha, whats is a crown ?

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    i had this same issue with my 243. fine at one distance then all over at double the distance.
    i found it to be the ammo and also rest time between shots.
    i was using winchester and a machine gun would have a better group at 100 yards.
    i was told that grouping at 50 yards for the 243 is really a waste of time as the bullets a bit unpridictable at the early stage ( i am talking mm only) before i get a bashing for saying that.
    i switched to federal and smack on in two adjustments. this at 100 yards 3 shots. proper targets are expensive ha ha.
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    for what its worth change ammo do three round groups on two sheets then wait five another two and see what difference.
    the rifle will as always choose its ammo and not us..
    good luck and let us know how it goes


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