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Thread: lost a good friend today

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    lost a good friend today

    Sadly after 17yrs we had to have our oldest dog (suki) put to sleep today,
    Cant complain as she had a long and healthy life, but she will be missed a lot.
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    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Sorry for your loss Sinbad.
    Sadly it`s one of the downfalls of having these family members.
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    Hi Sinbad.
    Really sorry to read this. I have lost some great dogs myself and I feel for you mate. One of God's greatest failings was to make Human and Dog lifespans so different given the Bond they share.


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    I always hate reading these posts because it reminds me of those loyal friends that I've lost. But on the other hand they serve as a reminder of those same dogs, which I want to remember. So I find myself reading them anyway with very mixed feelings.

    One of those feelings however is sadness for your loss Sinbad. The thing to do is remember the friendship, joy, fun and loyalty she gave you and how that far outweighs your current sadness. A perspective you will achieve, I'm sure given a bit of time.

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    Whilst you may be sad, which is entirely right, 17 years is a fantastic age for a dog!
    Celebrate such a long life and cherish the happy memories.
    Feeling your pain.

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    Feel sorry for your loss mate, i see it too often with friends dogs and how upset they are and i dread the day i lose one of mine, as said by others, time heals and the memories will always be there.

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    Sorry for your loss. I am not looking forward to being in your position.

    Can I suggest -

    A). Get a big box of kleenex (other brands are available) and

    B) Put "Rainbow Bridge" in to Google and read the poem.

    I don't have an ounce of religion in me but this makes sense.
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    Always sad to hear of such an event. Inevitable of course but no less sad when it happens. I hate cats so was a bit miffed a few years ago when my wife started feeding a stray. Big mistake obviously and after a while we were adopted. She was bril. She kept the rodent population down, was no effort and was happy to be the plaything of the kids. She died a short while back and I could not believe the impact it had on us all.

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    Feel for you fella,

    My we dog is having problems at the moment and I'm dreading the outcome, 10 years and loved every minute of it from start until the end,

    Never loose the memories,


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    Sorry for your loss paul,keep your chin up mate ,regards doug,

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