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Thread: Foxing services resume

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    Foxing services resume

    Well its been awful for the last month with rain and some major mishaps and to be frank complete wash out. Moon bright and no wind and so warm. Several cock ups, battery issues not helped.

    Anyway last week we shot 3 foxs 2 dogs and a vixen. We went out on Monday to try and get ontop of a couple on another chicken farm. Started badly as we all but ran one over as we drove into the farm drive, needless to say it legged it. Happily about 30 mins later we spied one on an adjacent wheat field, got it at about 100yds. It was a vixen in excellent condition and weighed 17lb.

    Out again last night temperature had dropped 10 c and after odd shower clear, dark and breeze. Same place nothing to see then drove onto a bund bank only to clock a fox about 30 yds away behind two metal ring feeders. Fox clearly knew we were there and just sat there watching us.

    Well it was like playing twister tring to get the rifle out of the back and out of the window. Charlie was well aware of every sound so I was craning my neck to watch it though the head rest as my mate watched it through the DP. It just wouldn't move but then it turned a fraction I heard the report, but no strike and saw the fox run like a scalded cat up the field but lost it as thermal dont work through glass. A long search ensued big patch of blood at the strike position. Eventually we found it dead about 75yds up the field, perfect lung shot but most surprisingly the 40 grn .204 v max appeared not to have exploded as per normal.

    Well we were well pleased as was the farmer.

    Looks like normal service has resumed, 5 foxs in a week is quite good and no misses.


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    Well done - we've also struggled with the awful weather, but we did have five last night. Back out again later!

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    I'd love to be out with the night vision and lamp but illness has been keeping me in. Maybe a chance at the weekend
    Thanks Daniel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleman21d View Post
    I'd love to be out with the night vision and lamp but illness has been keeping me in. Maybe a chance at the weekend
    I hope you get out - being forced to stay in - either due to bad weather or having to be nice to the Good Lady Wife, is enough to drive me up the wall! We had three more foxes last night, so we're only about four off our 'one a day' average target for the year. Whether we'll ever claw the difference back it's impossible to say from here!

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    Paddy your doing well. Forecast for rest of week and weekend is dreadful. I just wish it would get cold and we might get somewhere. Tuesday eve was the coldest evening for ages and thermal was working very well it was dark and very clear. Quite astounding what you can see with it.


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    Still waiting for the white stuff over here. Put my fox box out in a cold spell 3 weeks ago, since then it's been nothing but plus degrees. Working outside in a t shirt today......

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