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Thread: Fjall Raven jacket

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    Fjall Raven jacket

    Hi, I was looking at purchasing one of the above named jackets..anybody got any info about them as I've never this make before....

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    Expensive but good is what I've heard. Which jacket? I've a mate that has just bought a jacket by them and he's pleased with his.

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    Very good. I have one that I bought 25 years ago for stalking and it's still going today- just! I can't bring myself to part with it and take it for an outing like an old friend a few times a year but I feel it may be getting to the point of permanent retirement soon.
    Not sure many can say that about many if any of the so called top clothing makes on the market today.

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    Got one two years ago and it's warm, non-rustly and has kept out hours of driving rain. Looks barely worn and has a reversible liner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strath sniper View Post
    Hi, I was looking at purchasing one of the above named jackets..anybody got any info about them as I've never this make before....
    Any jacket in particular? Fjällräven have a very large selection ranging from dedicated hunting jackets designed for mobile or static situations, (and everything inbetween!), plus general hiking and outdoors models, again from summer to polar use.

    We have several jackets and pairs of trousers in the family and rate Fjällräven products highly.

    Or the Hunting sub-site:

    Have a look at and some of the other online retailers for pricing.
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    Fjällräven stuff is generally excellent. I have a few of the jackets including one polar type that has had a hard life yet still looks great. Which model are you thinking of?

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    brillaint kit, I've been wearing fjallraven kit for thirty years
    Kind Regards

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    Just to add a bit of variety, take a look at the Norrona hunting range. I have two jackets from them. Punchy on the price but brilliant. Definately worth a look.

    Hunting | Norrøna®

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    I have the Fjallraven Brenner jacket - G1000 so waterproof and virtually silent. It's a lovely piece of kit.
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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