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    My lieca bins are ready for an over hall dose any one know were i send them to get it done .

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    I think its normal practice (if you bought them from a shop) to take them back to your place of purchase. Looing into buying some Leica 10x42 BA at the moment so have been looking into their warrenty quite throughally! If you bought them second hand (as I will do) I think you go through a "premier dealer" which you can find here


    01908 246344 /45

    Hope this is of some use.

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    How about these people also in Scotland.

    Glasgow Binocular Repair
    4th Floor
    93 Hope Street
    G2 6LD

    0141 248 7179

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    leica are based in milton kenes but if you contact HAWKINS in nothampton they do all leica work in this country and are very good and the right price to if you cant find there number give me a pm and i will sort it for you muddy

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