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Thread: 18650 Battery salvage help ?

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    18650 Battery salvage help ?

    I have been given 3 laptop batteries to cannibalise to use in my lamps. I have extracted the batteries and now I need to tidy them up for charging and use.
    How ever the raised positive terminal ends arenít present, they are just flat where the track has been soldered across! I have found replacement heat shrink easily enough but can you also buy new/replacement terminals to attach. If not then whatís the best work around, just a blob of solder?



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    Didn't do anything to mine, apart from seperting them and charging them up. Mine came out of an acer laptop battery if that makes any difference

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    Tiny rare earth magnets from ebay. cheap as chips & hassle free

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    The casing is steel and doesn't solder readily. The way I always used to solder steel (for RF shielding) was to etch it first with a bit of hydrochloric acid then to solder to the etched section. P.S. As with all soldering DO NOT breath in the fumes!
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