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Thread: SAKO Roughtech Range .308 950

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    SAKO Roughtech Range .308 950

    Only been to the range 5 times, good as new condition, I am selling to finance a rifle for a new
    discipline . feel free to ask any questions.

    All the spec, can be found on the Sako website.

    Sako A7 Roughtech Range by coolforgot | Photobucket

    I paid (new) 1200 from Sportsman Gun Centre....... Bargain for 950

    AND, I will pay transfer/postage this end ! or Face to Face, but I'm on the Isle of WightClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi, What's the round count? (5 trips to the range can = 1000 rounds for some people!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris101 View Post
    Hi, What's the round count? (5 trips to the range can = 1000 rounds for some people!)
    Well you still have at least 5000 rounds of barrel life remaining then which is 5 years of shooting at that rate! Nice rifle mate

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    Nice piece of quarter-sawn oak in that wardrobe

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