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Thread: Tikka 223 T3 Supervarmint rifle

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    Tikka 223 T3 Supervarmint rifle

    Looking for a good 223 Tikka T3 Supervarmint rifle
    Think they all have 1 in 8 twist barrel but if not that is the one I am looking for.
    Pm me if you know of one for sale

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    The 1-in-8" twist is only available, new, by special order, as is the longer barrel and set trigger. I've got a .223 and a .308 on order for delivery next March, I hope.

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    Northallerton shooting supplies has a new one for sale when i was there a couple of weeks ago..

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    Just a thought,

    I have had a few Tikka T3's and I love the Super varmint/tactical stock, its just perfect as a practical hunting stock. After buying a Tikka T3 Super Varmint in .243win for a little under 1200 I had an idea. I purchased a second hand Tikka T3 stainless with a suitable bolt face, I found a Tikka T3 super varmint stock on here and had a custom barrel fitted by Bowtec, I now have a 22-250 Tikka T3 with a custom barrel to my specification (26" with 8" twist) for the same price as the factory rifle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi schmidtman
    I have one on the shelf , ring me 01538 308697

    all the best


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