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Thread: US Army MRE Rations

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    US Army MRE Rations

    10 cases of 12 US Army issue MRE ration packs. The MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) contains the vital food stuff a soldier needs when in the field. These MREs are approved by the United States Army and used in war time for years. High Calorie count and there are 24 different MRE menus. 80 + postage per sealed box. One assorted box with 12 mixed sealed ration packs - 80. All 10 boxes and assorted box for 800 – Total of 142 ration packs (5.63 per meal). These are currently selling for 102 per case on eBay.
    6x case A menus 1 -12
    4x case B menus 13 – 24

    Each of the 12 ration consists of: Main meal, Dessert, Biscuit/Cracker, Drinks powder, Peanut butter, Muffin/Cake, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Chewing gum, Tabasco sauce, Matches, Long handle spoon, MRE heater pouch. Each ration pack at 80 works out to 6.67 per meal. This is top quality US military ration pack, much better than British army stuff.

    All the contents are contained within a tough waterproof bag to keep the food safe until you are ready to eat. The ration also comes with a heater which works by pouring in a small amount of water and then activates to heat the main meal.

    All rations have been kept in a cool dry environment. Orange indicator seals are still fine and they are good for about 7-8 years from manufacture. MRE cases have also included something called a TTI (time and temperature indicator) on the outside of the box to assist inspectors in determining if MREs are still good. There are two parts to the TTI – an outer dark circle and an inner light circle. As long as the inner circle is still lighter than the outside circle, the MREs are supposed to be good.

    The assorted ration packs marked as 1305 and 1306. I have personally eaten 3 of these and they are perfect. The only reason I am selling this is because I am relocating in a couple of month’s time. If it was not for emigration due to international job offer, I would not be selling my food supply. Collection from Binfield/Wokingham – RG40 area, take J3 from M3 or J10 from M4

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    I was told by an American friend that MRE stood for Meals, Refused by Ethiopians! But that is probably politically not quite correct.


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    MRE's are perfectly palatable and a very convenient to chuck in your bag for a day out.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Have you tried the new British rations, they're the mutts nuts, rather eat those than a 2yr old sandwich from the MRE
    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    Quote Originally Posted by dom8328 View Post

    Have you tried the new British rations, they're the mutts nuts, rather eat those than a 2yr old sandwich from the MRE
    They are also almost double the price of the US MREs. I would sooner eat 2 yr old US MRE than 2yr old British rations. The yanks still know how to flavour their products a lot better...
    5 sold, 5 cases left + the assortment.
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    I must be the exception, I thought the old ones were great....

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    Have some individual 24 hours ration packs can sell at 7 each + postage (UK mainland)
    1 pack postage is 2.60 (less than 1kg)
    2 packs postage is 3.78 (1 - 2kg)
    up to 6 packs postage is 5.79

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    5 SOLD, 5 cases left: Going on information on the internet and the codes on the pack - MENU's are:

    MENU A:

    01 – Chili w/Beans
    02 – Chicken Fajita
    03 – Beef Ravioli
    04 – Maple Sausage
    05 – Mediterranean Chicken
    06 – Beef Patty
    07 – Beef Brisket
    08 – Meatballs w/Marinara
    09 – Beef Stew
    10 – Chili & Macaroni
    11 – Vegetable Lasagna
    12 – Spicy Penne Pasta

    MENU B:
    13 – Cheese Tortellini
    14 – Ratatouille
    15 – Southwest Beef & Black Beans
    16 – Pork Rib
    17 – Pork Sausage w/Gravy
    18 – Chicken w/Noodles
    19 – Pot Roast w/Vegetables
    20 – Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce
    21 – Lemon Pepper Tuna
    22 – Chicken w/Dumplings
    23 – Chicken Pesto & Pasta
    24 – Buffalo Chicken

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    only 2 case A left + mixed ration packs
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    Last case A left and box of mixed ration packs.

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