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Thread: swazi wapiti coat?

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    swazi wapiti coat?

    ok as above I am thinking of changing my stalking gear, I was looking at the Swazi wapiti coat does any SD members have one? if so can you let me know how they go with our wet and windy weather, are they warm etc etc
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    i have had the wapiti jacket for about 5 years, i find it great for a wet day on the hill they are not very warm i usually wear t shirt and fleece under mine.

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    thanks scud, do they do the trousers as well?

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    i have the trousers, great job especially for crawling. check out swazi website`

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    yeah ive had a wee look, I think that I am going to try them, thanks Scudd ATB Davie

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    I have a Tahr XP. Same material. It got tested out in Ireland last month. Dry as a bone. Swazi gear is all about layering. Layer up and it works great. The XP folds into its own hood. Wear a bush shirt or hood top underneath is all you need. Then if it's wet get the XP out.
    I wore my hood all last winter when it wasn't raining and it was great.
    I'm a great fan. Postage is good from NZ. Buy direct. Check out thier sales as well.


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    Davie, i work with the Tahr XP which is well put together but i find them draughty up the kilt and i sometimes have to wear a tee shirt in the blizzards unlike the soft southerners that will tell you to layer up.

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