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Thread: Light weight stalking jacket

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    Light weight stalking jacket

    The last couple of years have seen exceptionally warm weather in October in Scotland and my stalking jacket has been far too hot and heavy for the job. I am looking for advice on a short, light weight and breathable jacket that is smart and befits the occasion.
    Many thanks

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    Swazi wapiti or tahr xp

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    Alas, the discontinued Boyt Harness HU1100 Field Coat, sometimes found for a big discount on the Internet.

    All these are nice when sized loose enough to hang well but still wear over a heavy wool shirt or a light sweater:

    Filson Weekender - really nice, heavy brass zippers, supple, not for downpours, but more than water resistant

    Orvis Heritage Field Coat - old school design. Reviews say it is not as good as it once was, but I only know the original

    Beretta Forest Jacket - light and really well made. I don't have this one. I have the heavy model, which is toasty warm
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    I keep sAying this but get yourself a surplus British army wind proof smock. They are not completely waterproof but are good for a few hours with some wash in waterproofing. because of this they breath very very well and are simply perfect for fishing or stalking. You can, with careful bidding, get them for next to nothing so even if you don't like it you can get your money back. I came up to the Hebrides at the end of July and didn't leave until the end of October and was out almost every day and I wore the wind proof smock every day I was out. I might own 5 - 8 other jackets including a good selection of the big money ones.

    in really wet weather wear an army surplus goretex UNDER the wind proof smock. That keeps you dry but the smock keeps all your pockets and keeps you silent and the minute the rain stops the goretex comes off and you are very breathable again. Again these are cheap to buy but watch out for fake ones that, errrr, aren't waterproof.

    This is system will leave you a lot drier and more comfortable than a commercial waterproof jacket - the jackets that sit in my wardrobe unused will testify to this. However don't forget that it is a system and so needs to be used as designed. One common complaint, for example, is that the surplus goretex jackets don't have many pockets. People get very worked up about this but of course it is a design feature as the intention is that the smock, with excellent pockets, is worn on top.
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    Look on Amazon for a Miltec smock. It's very very light and thin but windproof and showerproof. Loads and loads of pockets. Not sure if you'd class it as smart or not though.

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    I have a RidgeLine from NZ which is fine as long as it's not heaving it down...

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    After years of wearing deer hunter, see land and other shooting jacket that are breathable -water proof I have given up on them as when you are walking you heat up and sweat with the result you get wet from the inside out. Last week I got a surplus British army wind proof smock MTP washed in some waterproofer out all day walking up hills with some showers of rain the jacket kept me warm and dry with out sweat all for 14 of eBay

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    got the MTP,parka brill bit of kit and as others have said cheap as chips.ripstop water n windproof
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    Quote Originally Posted by llwynog View Post
    I have a RidgeLine from NZ which is fine as long as it's not heaving it down...
    I would advise you avoid Country Covers/Fortis coats, do NOT do as stated, shocking after sales service, I'm currently heading to the small claims court with them as are 2 mates and a friend of 1 of thiers, if you do go down that road, do not speak to them over the phone but email only so you've got a record of what went on in case /when you complain,enough said.
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