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Thread: Scent/tracker shoes

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    Scent/tracker shoes

    These are my new 3"heals, made them one night in the dark with just a pair of chewed up welly's, a cut of piece of hardwood ,4x 3" coach bolts and a bit of alloy plate. I've tried them out and wham bam just the job.There is a hole drilled up through the wood at the angle that a hoof would be at , the metal plate holds it tight in place, you slip them on and start walking, jake even on flooded ground a was floating,I could tell by the dogs face that he wished he had them on, You cant fall over and the lean angle before gravity pulls you over must be 52%. Now I know that there will be a lot of jealous dog trainers out there saying ''they are a must how much do you want for them''....... well, they will be on sale only after my dug chews up another pair of my sons welly's and I make the mark 2 model ,but they wont be cheap, top end of the market these boys . cheers Bugsy
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    They're the dogs danglies ! Could I order a pair, preferably leather lined with a full length zip please

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    Aha.....some people do have an eye for quality , none of your Chinese aftermarket replicas here, got a pair of mens Belvoir Leather Lined Riding Boots which may be to your taste, shiny black in size 14, wide fit , once your dug see's these on he'll trail anything.Ive had that many pm's would next December be ok for delivery.

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    Oh my goodness, they sound perfect ! You are either a mind reader or subscribe to my 'other' Facebook page. December sounds good to me, it will give me plenty of time to get a few pairs of tracking socks knitted as I'm only a size 9

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    No problem, don't worry about a deposit my mate in Oban says your good for payment

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