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    Barrel swap

    Hi i have a remmy 700 with a 20" heavy barrel which has done nothing really (100rnd) if that , so the action is as new , the question is i want to change the barrel for a fluted or just simply a better barrel , Can i just go to a gunsmith and say please change my barrel and i collect when its ready and he bins my old barrel , or do you have to purchase a new barrel have it added to my certificate then swap and dispose . I guess it will be the complicated way .
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    If it the same ie 308 and 308 they can just swap it for you but not 308 to 243 etc.

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    What WelshWarrior said.

    You don't need to tell the police anything or do anything if you are changing barrels but keeping the same chambering. You send the rifle off, it's a 308 (for example) it comes back as a 308 but with new longer/better/whatever barrel.
    The serial number of the rifle is what is on your FAC. An UN-CHAMBERED barrel is just a tube. Once it is chambered you need another spot for it.
    So you could buy the barrel and send it to the gunsmith with the rifle if you felt like it.
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    By the time you've bought a new barrel and had it fitted by a gunsmith and proofed you're not far of the price of a new rifle. Why not sell yours and buy what you want.
    If you still fancy the re-barrel route give James a call at "Jaeger SA" he's on here he will give you a good price and an excellent job.

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    The reason is the rifle a remmy 700 is as new + timney trig aics its done nothing , I'm just pondering about a better barrel , its a heavy 20" barrel at the min its very accurate no problems there , but if it was a reasonable price i may go ahead and do it . I also have a sako so i don't really want to buy another new rifle as such , but the Barrel swap idea was a in a round about way a new rifle , but without all the hassle of a one 4 one if i can do it without the need to tell anyone . Which it appears it is just a case of getting it done because it is a like for like , How much are we talking about roughly ie For an average barrel , a bit better than a remmy heavy 22" fluted and roughly the cost to do it , barrel 100-600 + labour 150 am i in the right area , Thanks for all your help so far .

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    barrel will cost you 350 at least for a custom blank-threading/chambering/threading for a mod 300-450 depending who does it and then proofing dont know the cost of proof but 50 at least so 650-750 and to stick it on a remmy? keep what you have shoot it and enjoy it.

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    If it is already very accurate and you aren't changing cartridge it's a waste of money.

    So many variables with cost depending on barrel price or if you need a reamer/headspace gauges/bolt face work.

    You'd be looking at between 500-1000 depending on those factors. If the gunsmith you select has the reamer and headspace gauges already and your not altering the bolt face that'll keep price down.
    The barrel itself will be around 300-400 and labour is about the same but it all varies with the smith you choose.

    James (JaegerSA) is great and very cheap but he is always MASSIVELY busy so you WILL have a decent wait.

    What round is the rifle currently chambered in?
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