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Thread: Do we assume the worst of our FLD?

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    Do we assume the worst of our FLD?

    Hi all
    Sometimes I read through posts (primarily) in this section and it seems like a lot of people tend to assume the worst when it comes to dealing with their FLD.
    It seems like a lot of people gear up for a fight whenever they're about to request a variation or ask for some change in their FAC conditions.
    So I thought I'd post a quick poll. Not considering long waiting times (unless brought on by something out of the ordinary) and maybe not counting basic 1-for-1 swaps and the like, do those who have recently dealt with their FLD find that they are generally unaccommodating, difficult to deal with and resistant to your requests. Or (as I suspect) are they mostly helpful and useful.
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    Never been a problem realy, made a couple of ****ups but always rectified them when ask.

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    My mate is having a real nightmare with our FEO after our old and trusted one retired. He sent his FAC application back in May,based on payd stalking, and still haven't received his ticket, the FEO is asking if the land is cleared for the caliber ?
    On the other side, another friend , under the same force (met police) sent his application and got his FAC with 3 calibers on it, in under 3 weeks.
    That tells me is not about your FLD, but is all about your FEO.

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    In for a renewal at the moment, not heard a squeak from them. No news good news? My son has just recently been granted his shotgun cert, they did a very comprehensive check on him. Maybe a wee bit over the top but maybe just a sign of the times

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    I have no problems or complaints with my Firearms Office (Lancashire) and find that they are more than helpful if I have to speak to them with any sort of enquiry and usually deal with any variations for me very quickly and efficiently. Lancashire (In my experience) do not tend to put in any unreasonable conditions or barriers and are very helpful - If you talk to then in a reasonable manner rather than being "demanding" or trying to come over to them as "I know it all and that's what I want"!

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    I have had two firearms Departments highland and now fife. Both under the umbrella of police Scotland. I can honestly say I can not fault the service of either one. Variations have always been conducted quickly and both sets of office staff have gone beyond the normal to be helpful when asked.

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    I've had three police forces over the years. All have been absolutely fine.

    I've had some strange experiences with individual staff (telling me my plan to go roe/munty stalking at the weekend in May was illegal as "deer were out of season", one armed officer not being able to open a shotgun, one thinking he'd found an illegal weapon when the number didn't match the cert (he was looking at the wrong gun, in a different make and bore size), certs coming back with errors on etc). But the actual people have all been perfectly pleasant and have got there in the end.

    There is definitely a marked difference between the experienced FEOs and the people tasked from other roles without any knowledge though.

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    The service that I have received has been very variable, firstly the FEO's that I have met have generally been helpful and to my mind a valuable point of contact between the local shooting community & firearms licensing departments, however on occasion Hampshire Police have been remarkably petty.

    A couple of examples that come to mind are when I initially applied for a .22 rimfire for vermin shooting they were not prepared to grant me this based on the land that I would be shooting over, after 6 months or so of being fobbed off I made a complaint, it then transpired that the landowner also had a .22 authorised for use on the same land and my FAC arrived soon after.

    The second example was when I took up deer stalking. I already had a suitable .243 rifle that I had possessed for many years for target shooting and after successfully buying a guided stalk for a Roe buck in the BDS auction I sent my certificate off for the appropriate conditioning.

    The Buck season came and went and after many further enquires with Hampshire Police I eventually got the variation, however they were not happy. They claimed that it was most unusual to buy a stalking outing, they claimed that once I had been on the BDS stalk I would no longer have "good reason" for deer stalking and would be required to return my FAC for partial revocation although my use of the very same gun for target shooting would be unaffected.

    I thought that it was quite absurd that every time I booked some stalking I would have to keep sending my FAC off to them to enable this and returning it to them again for the revocation afterwards. I made an official complaint which Hampshire Police rejected. I then contacted my M.P. and the Home Office and eventually I got a letter from the police permitting my stalking activities for the remaining duration of the FAC.

    atb Tim
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    Always found Strathclyde Dept very helpful and understanding of my requirements when going for variations etc. Have heard that lately they are under more pressure so I wonder if I will notice a difference on my next renewal.

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