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Thread: Falcon Menace scopes?

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    Falcon Menace scopes?

    Hi All,

    Now I recall seeing a mention that at least on member was using one of these scopes and was wondering how it was doing?

    Just picked up a used one to try out, a 7.5x50 with Mil dot reticle and well when it was assembled it seems the operator put three nice long fingers right over the lens that has the reticle etched into it . Falcon it seems have dropped this model and their warrenty sounds pretty lame they claim it would cost more to clean and re-charge the scope than it costs them to buy/build . All I can say is the companants must be pretty cheap then. They usually just change it for a new one and charge the difference at the best possible rate. Trouble is that I don't want a varible and 7.5x mag was about perfect . I also wanted to see what the fuss was all about concerning Mil Dot reticles .

    I am waiting for the seller to get back to me. The scope other than that looks almost new and would say it's been on Air Rifle probably as it has some of thsoe air rifle alloy see through mounts . I wanted to put this on the 6mm Rem chambered P-H 1200V ........................... Oh well another lesson learnt.

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    Hi Kev
    Just saw your post about this scope and have just spottted this one up for sale , nearly brand new, have a look mate be quick


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    I use a Menace on my HMR and have the same problem with my IR if I switch it on a high setting. Basically looks like fingerprints all over it. Its not bad glass for the price and although a bit big and heavy fpr the HMR I love the reticle and it holds zero well.

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    Cheers but with the recent hassles this has sort of gone by-the-by now.

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