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Thread: Christmas is a time of giving - Free Side by Side 12 Bore in Lancashire.

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    Christmas is a time of giving - Free Side by Side 12 Bore in Lancashire.

    Christmas is a time of giving!
    I am trying to free up some space in my gun cabinet and I have an old BSA Side by Side 12 bore Shotgun that I no longer use or need so it needs to go to a good home.
    This shotgun has seen a lot of use in it's 50 odd years of life but it is still fully functional and perfectly safe.
    The woodwork has had quite a few knocks and the barrels have some pitting in them, this however does not effect its "functionability" and is perfectly safe to use.
    This shotgun is a non-ejector and has double trigger and a fully working safety catch. The barrels are 30 inch long (Believed to be Full and three quarter choke but I am not willing to swear to that) with 2 3/4 inch chambers and are in proof. (The triggers and firing pins are in good working order)
    The LOP is 14.5 inch to the front trigger.
    This is not the prettiest of shotguns so I am letting this gun go FREE OF CHARGE, as such I would very much like to see it go to a youngster or newcomer to shotgun shooting to help and encourage them get into the sport.
    As it is a "freebie" I really don't want to be bothered with the playing about with RFD Transfers so would like a Face to Face meeting (You must have a Valid Shotgun Certificate to claim this Freebie) With a Face to Face meeting I will even throw in a padded camo shotgun slip and a load of cartridges (Mixed shot sizes and loads) and even if required an accompanied walk about on a couple of my permissions as well for anyone interested.
    Photos available by e-mail on request.

    Edit: This is one of my own shotguns and not one of the guns that I am advertising on behalf of a friend!
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    FrenchieBoy,Hope it finds the home you want. A very kind and generous gesture.jc

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    Very generous offer I hope your kindness is returned ten fold to you. It makes a refreshing change to see a post like this.
    "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." LLAP Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015

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    Very generous offer

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    Great offer Frenchieboy , hope it finds a good home

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    Restores my belief in human nature, a kind offer at Christmas. GOOD ON YOU

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    PMs replied to!

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    You're a very generous man, in more ways than one. Good man.

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