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Thread: Remington differences

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    Remington differences

    I'm on the look out for a .223 and have seen 2 Remingtons along with CZ 527 (might be sold). The Remingtons are both 700 but one is a ADL and the other is a PSS.

    I've looked on here and google to find out the differences in the 2 models but cannot seem to find anything...........

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    The PSS is one of the many variants of the standard 700. The ADL is a lesser cost model of 700 once made with a blind magazine: In other words, no detachable floor plate. Some people snub the ADLs but I have had no problem with them. (Other than the fact they are Remingtons!)~Muir

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    Remington model numbers are ADL, BDL, CDL etc. PSS is a Plastic Stainless Steel (PSS) geddit?

    Best remingtons are older BDL, CDL and mountain rilfes ~(detachable magazines) IMHO. I would buy the CZ and I have a Remmy 700 and a CZ and Ruger.

    Just think the yanks are going downhill fast. I have ruger M77 Mk2 in 223 if you want to make me an offer, trigger tuned and floated barrel other then that standard.

    Your mate choc won a watch with the CZ he has just obtained.

    loverly rifle

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    One the cabinet now, A .223 heavy barrel PSS, puts bullet on top of bullet at 200 yds. no plastic... no stainless.
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    I've ended up with a very good condition Tikka Continental M595.

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    Basically all the Rem 700 models are the same (in terms of action, extractor, ejector, bolt and trigger)

    ADL - blind box mag, no floor plate

    BDL - internal mag with floor plate.

    PSS - "Police Sharp Shooter" - floor plate (BDL) mag system with HS Precision or Bell & Carlson stock also has two bipod studs in forend - found in 223, 243, 308 and 338 only.

    CDL - has deluxe stock

    Mountain rifle - lighter stock and detach mag.

    VSSF - "Varmint stainless steel fluted" - varmint fluted barrel, stainless action.

    Sendero - heavy barrel, HS / Bell carlson stock, long range rifle.

    There are more varients now but the above are what springs to mind immediately.

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    Also VLS (varmint laminated stainless)

    LTR (Light tactical rifle)

    POS (Piece of s.....) (only kidding!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaitsev View Post

    POS (Piece of s.....) (only kidding!)

    thats the one i paid the deposit on the other day - it was actually a vssf ii but wouldnt group for toffee with 4 types of ammo, 2 stocks, 2 sets mounts - 3 hours of my life wasted. i now have found something else.....

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