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Thread: .270 r8 heavier bullets

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    .270 r8 heavier bullets

    does anyone use a blaser r8 in .270 using 180gn or heavier factory cartridges, do they favour lighter 130gn cartridges?

    below 100yds with heart lung shots does it spoil a large proportion of the carcass?? Iv only ever had .243 and .308 but Iv got one on my ticket and thinking about it, is there any point?


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    if you can find them crack on
    think you will find that short of reloading Woodleigh Protected Point you wont find them

    the .270 works best with 130gr round IMO
    anything heavier and the drop in velocity negates the weight

    well trodden path this one but look at the ballistics and you will see the 130gr inside 300yds has more energy, more velocity, better trajectory and is usually easier to find

    choose a good quality bullet and stick it behind the elbow andthere will be no more damage than any other soft point doing 2800-3000fps on impact

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    If you are going heavier than 150-gr in the .270 Win, you might as well stick with the .308 Win.

    The 150-gr Hornady Interlock or Sierra - or more expensive bullets if you like - will kill everything in the UK cleanly at any ethical range you can manage.

    There is such a variety of 130-gr bullet constructions, which can be loaded from 2,850 to almost 3,100 fps, that you could shoot almost everything with them.

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    If anyone does want to buy any heavy .270 WCF bullets for reloading then I have some Nosler Partition and Nosler Partition Gold in 150 grain in that calibre. About thirty to forty of each.

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    Want to fire heavier bullets, get 7 x 64, 308, 30.06.....................


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    130 grn bullets are the best for 270. if you want to go heavier 30.06 might be your best option.

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    Thanks chaps

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