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Thread: Non-Toxic Shotgun Cartridges (Bismuth/Tungsten Matrix)

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    Non-Toxic Shotgun Cartridges (Bismuth/Tungsten Matrix)


    I no longer shoot my shotgun much, if at all, as deer management has taken over. I have some non-toxic cartridges I am looking to off-load as I have no longer any need for them. Some were for duck flighting and some for wild fowling. We all know how expensive those are so if you want a bit of a bargain, fill your boots!

    Face to face with valid SGC please.

    20x Eley Magnum 12g (75mm chamber), Bismuth, 42g of BB shot: two boxes of 10, although they'll come as 10 in box and 10 loose. Over 50 a box when i got those. 50 for the 20 (over half-price!).

    25x Eley Maximum 12g (65mm chamber), Bismuth, 34g of 3 shot: 1 box of 25, over 70 new. 30 for the 25.

    25x Eley Grand Prix HV 12g (65mm chamber), Bismuth, 32g of 5 shot: 25 cartridges, loose, 20 for the 25.

    10x Kent Impact 12g (70mm chamber), Tungsten Matrix, 36g of 1 shot: 10 cartridges, loose, 20 for the 10.

    100 for the whole lot if bought together. Face to face please.

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    If bought together, will throw in some Hull Cartridges SOLWAY, Magnum and Proshot that I have left over, Probably 50/60 odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thibaud View Post
    Face to face please.
    How far east a location is "South East"

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    N/E London Epping Forest area.

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