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Thread: Butchers Knives sets

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    Butchers Knives sets

    Could any one suggest a good supplier of butchers knives at sensible prices.

    i don't need a full set just the basics.


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    Butchers equipment warehouse
    Smith's sundries

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    monarch country products,
    +1 PM Rob at Monarch. He'll do you a deal, I got mine from him and they have been spot on.

    All you need to butcher a whole carcass mate

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    When my son trained as a chef he used Russum's near Barnsley. Who are suppliers to commercial kitchens and caterers.

    They do mail order and, more importantly, their stuff is commercial grade so made to be sterilised. They will also free of charge engrave two initials (OK they are fairly lightly engraved) on each knife.

    Beware Nisbets! That's all I'll say. Compare their price, Victorinox eleven piece set, with Russum's price. Ouch!

    Russum's 115.64 inc VAT.....Nisbet's 179.98 inc VAT...that's sixty quid plus!

    And I didn't even have to cite to any constitutional law references to work out that Nisbet's aren't hard to beat.

    Knife Set Victorinox Large With 20cm Deep Cooks Knife In KC210 Case

    Victorinox 11 Piece Knife Set with Wallet - S853 - Buy Online at Nisbets
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    +1 for Russums.

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    Another one here for Rob at Monarch. Brilliant service, always a pleasure to deal with.

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    Thank you all for your response

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    Some of the best value and highest quality knives, made in the UK, are from the Taylors Eye Witness Professional Range.
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