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    Headed up the A1 last week end for a couple of stalks with Jason (Muntjac Stalker ) Weather was crap, pissing rain and blowing a gale, the boy looked at me and said was do ya recon, not good mate Munties don't move much in shitty weather, but we will give it a go aye.
    Pull in here son i need a Coffee and a bacon sarnie, after bit of nose bag we was on our way, met Jason at the farm and gear stowed we was off, Jason, bit windy lads the deer will not be out on the edges so we will stalk the woods, ok with me, lets go. my son and me was stalking together which i like, within 2 hours we must have bumped 30 deer, no surprise as I've Stalked Jason's ground before. Last knockings we spotted 2 Munties sitting under a Fur Tree, sticks up , get in there moosh was my words, both deer starting walking to the right and did not stop, shot then become un-safe
    Stalk over. Me and the boy went to Wobern Abbey in the afternoon to have a look at there deer collection, good stuff the Reds in the park are massive, 20 pointers plus, they was still having a go pushing each other with there massive Antlers. Back to the Ground , gear ready , After stalking more Munties on the move as the wind was getting harder, we walked past a thorn bush, then a explosion , muntie tore off out of the bush 100 mph , Jason was ahead of us and i think the Muntie spotted his movement and stopped, the deer turned and come back, sticks up and my tern ,
    there over there, i can't see him where, there by the tree, na can't see f**k all then he come into view, got the bead on him and a quick whistle stopped him , Bang, one Happy Hunter.

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    Glad it was successful. Thanks for write up.

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