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Thread: old shotgun information

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    old shotgun information

    Where could I find details on a vintage shotgun I have just acquired to find the rough value etc? I've emailed the makers with no joy so far. Is there a database of some sort on a web site? I think it was made in 1910.


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    Maybe if you could give out a bit of information and a couple of photos members might be able to help a little more mate.

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    Who are the makers as, presumably, that means they are still a company that is "in being".

    However whether they are the same company that originally were in existence when the thing was made or sold is another matter.

    Many long defunct gunmakers having been resurrected from little more than their details at Companies House or its equivalent.

    Unless it is a "name" make it will be worth what any other maker's equivalent is of the same era and in the same condition. Save one exception. Stock length. Under 14 1/2" length and it is virtually worthless.

    Over 15" which would be exceptional and it would if in good order command a slight or major premium.

    I'm guessing you have a Westley Richards?

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    If it has barrels of less than 40" it will be worthless too like all H&H and Boss & Co are... As to value it will be worth next to nothing as most on SD seem to profess!!
    PS. I hope it's a nice one to enjoy and not to get too stressed over its worth.

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    Not much to go on there, Sprocker101 old chap. As for online databases, there are some, but not for many makers and generally for more modern stuff. Don't think they were putting a lot online in 1910.

    As for it's worth, there are a few variables. If it's a premium gun make, then it possibly has an intrinsic value but if it was one of the myriad of British gun makers working at that time then it's value will be in it's usefulness and condition today. If it's a hammerless SxS ejector all the better, if it's a sidelock, another plus although boxlocks can be good. If it's in good order cosmetically and mechanically (not off the face, wafer thin barrels and so on) then fine too. Even the chokes can make a difference (although if they're too tight that can easily be resolved, but too open is another matter). It's a fair point that over 100 years ago, as a race we were smaller, hence the mention of the length of pull. That would not necessarily be a deal breaker, but more modern dimensions would be a plus.

    So even if you could find your gun online, I doubt it would mention it's worth. Indeed, the maker would be hardly inclined to give you a price on the strength of an email. Maybe you could find others like it for sale. Try Guntrader or the auction houses. But unless it's a premium gun that you want appraised for insurance purposes, I'd go with RED-DOT's school of thought. Enjoy it and use it.

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    Try finding a similar gun in recent auction catalogues such as Holts, this should give you some idea of what they actually sell for.

    atb Tim

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    Get some photo's of the makers marks

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    Sorry for the delay. I've managed to find a chap who gave me some great info on the gun, not worth as much as I thought, but still a good investment and I like the gun so a winner on both counts.
    Cheers for the replies

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    No problems. Hope our efforts helped. Must dash...I'm off to update my Christmas and New Year "Forum Post Ignore List".

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    For anyone interested it was a William Evans sbs ejector, made at the time when Evans was finishing his apprenticeship with Purdy's. A nice looking gun, and one I'm not afraid to use.

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