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Thread: .375 h&h

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    .375 h&h

    Right, I've been granted a .375 H&H, getting a Sako 85 with open sights. What mag scope will be best to slap atop? Main use will be split between highlands and Africa.


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    1 - 6x24 sounds about right for big, dangerous stuff in Africa, but you may want something more for the Highlands. I'd also go for QD mounts to make sure you keep the open sights, just in case...


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    Please don't tell me you have it on an open ticket.... I might actually cry like a bitch....

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    Leupold did a 2.5-8x36 in the Vari X 111. Lo enough for close work and 8x is plenty for the hill.

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    I have a Burris Signature 1.5 x 6 scope on mine. Taken it to Finland -23 took Moose, and Africa 5 times and taken Elephant, Buff, Kudu etc with it. Never ever let me down. I have never used it in anger in the UK, even though (Wait for it Paul at Barony) I have always had mine on an open ticket for all deer species and Boar fro the UK.

    I would certainly change the scope if I was to use it in this country, as it is not a scope designed for the UK, its for dangerous game.



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    If you intend to use it on the "open hill" then I assume that a large objective isn't required as you won't be shooting in low light. The Swaro 24mm objective is still bright in Africa 'after sunset". I used mine last month only 10 minutes before total dark.

    I've been asked to take two down with me next time, and the SA guys don't usually spend money on scopes...


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    How about the S&B 1.5-6x42, they do it illuminated too. That should cover you for the UK and anything else you want to do.

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    I would think the Z6i 1-6X24EE is a great scope but expensive.

    I swear by S&B but money is a bit tight at the moment and I have just got a Weaver extreme 1.5-6x24 for about 300 pounds and its a excellent scope.


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    Also, as Andrew says, use QD mounts. It's always a great pleasure to go out with open sights on game that's appropriate.

    I use a Mauser M03 and will readily offload the scope to chase after Warthog.

    I love my Swaro scopes, a trully lifetime investment.


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