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Thread: 6.5 saum

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    6.5 saum

    Just out of interest, has anybody here had one of these or know much about them? I fancy something a bit different, I don't care about barrel life etc (barrels are bad and need to be punished), I just want something different, that, if the fancy takes me, I can use to go a fair old way on gongs etc as well as being used a bit more sensibly on deer. Cheers

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    There is a good selection of 6.5 high bc projectiles to choose from. I have a 6.5-284. I dont know anything about the saum other than what you could find on the interweb. Things to be aware of is how the cartridge will feed and because of the length of the 6.5 projectiles you need to think about the restrictions of action length and mag length. I do think faster is better and certainly think the saum will be fast

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    Ive not got experience of it but read up about it as it looks a great round

    From what Ive read H1000 is the go to powder and the barrel life is better than one would think
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    Toying with a 7mm SAUM as my next "project" !

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    I know a member on had one built on a surgeon action. He didn't get the expected barrel life. If you go over to ukv I am sure you will get a good response. There are a few using the 7SAUM also.
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    Have a look at

    There is quite a lot on Accurate Shooter but this gives a good taste of the views on the 6.5 version of the cartridge for competition use - not good in other words. 'Elwood' is Ian Boxall, a member of the GB F-Class team and one of our top long-range shooters. The UKV reference likely involves him as he's a forum member. There are a few American fans and some claim surprisingly high barrel life with certain powders, loads, and pressures, but difficult 'load-tuning', over-rapid barrel heating, short barrel life, and general frustration are much more common experiences.

    Although sharing the same case, the 7mm and .30 Rem SAUMs are very different animals. The case capacity is much better matched to these bore sizes and they have a reputation for fine accuracy and 'reasonable' barrel life, reasonable by the standards of cartridges that burn 60gn of powder anyway.

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    I did the 7mm SAUM and the 300 SAUM as well as the WSM in 270 , 300 and 325 . Gotta say I liked them all . At one point I had a Chambered Krieger fluted barrel for the 6.5 WSM as well as the reamer and dies although I never put the barrel on anything and sold the whole mess . But back to the initial question I've put seriouse thought to a 6.5 SAUM just haven't done it yet ��

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    The 7mm SAUM ( and the 7mm WSM ) are probably the best of the short magnums, but almost defunct now. The .30 SAUM and 7 SAUM are almost identical to the case on the .300 Newton cartridges developed my Charles Newton back in 1913. A friend of mine has a .30 Buffalo Newton rifle and it is a neat. Another built a long range 7 SAUM and loves it. I regret not buying a Remington Model 7 Laminate with the little-bit-heavier 22-inch barrel in 7 SAUM - a perfect out-of-the-box "mountain rifle".

    As a side note...
    Newton began building rifles off of imported 6.5 Mausers, with his .256 cartridge. And later, in the 1920s, he imported some Mausers by Sauer and built some 6.5mm of his own, but I have never heard of one surviving, and don't know if he ever sold any of them.

    The 6.5-284 certainly is a good and efficient cartridge, so the 6.5 SAUM should be just a little more so.
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    Out of all the short magnums the WSM range seems the most popular so brass is likely to be around longer. How about a 6.5 WSM?
    Would likely just be a short action 264 Win Mag though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greener Jim View Post
    Out of all the short magnums the WSM range seems the most popular so brass is likely to be around longer. How about a 6.5 WSM?
    Would likely just be a short action 264 Win Mag though.
    The guy I got the barrel reamer and dies for the 6.5 WSM told me the long range target guys didn't like it , they claimed it was tough on the throat in a match situation . Now for a hunting rifle I don't see why it would be any harder then anything else and if a certain amount of intelligence was used throat problems should not be that great an issue .

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