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Thread: No shotgun certificate - am I legal?

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    Question No shotgun certificate - am I legal?

    I wonder if I could pick your collective brains.....

    the story so far:
    Applied for Firearms licence on 4th August; as I currently hold a shotgun certificate valid until October 2016 and was asking for an issue of FAL along with renewal of SGC to be made co-terminous, I took the option of sending a signed photocopy of the SGC in with my application.
    I was interviewed at home on 22nd September by a couple of PCs from our local station.
    On 9th November I was emailed and asked to return my current SGC (valid until October next year) before "your new certificates can be issued". I handed it in that evening.
    As of today (postie has just been) I still have not received either licence or certificate.
    In my gun cupboard I have my 2 shotguns, as well as a few dozen cartridges in the ammo safe.
    I have been asked to go shooting with a friend in Yorkshire over Christmas.

    Where the heck do I stand with no SGC? Am I allowed to travel/visit someone else's land/shoot without a shotgun certificate? (my friend would be able to buy me more cartridges)
    Am I even allowed to hold my guns at home?
    Have Police Scotland made me a 'gun criminal'?
    Is there any way of speeding the rozzers up?

    Thanks for your views


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    Technically you are still a legal gun licence holder so if you get checked out by police it'll come back ok , but on the other hand you don't have an original copy of your SGC

    what you could of done is photocopied your cert befour sending it of at least you have something you can show the police if there's a problem

    i dont think you'll have any problems as long as you have permission to shoot everything else can be checked

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    The advice I was given was "send them a photocopy and keep yours until they issue the new one" You can't buy ammunition and you are not in possession of a valid SGC". If they want the SGC ask them to issue a valid section 7 ticket before you hand it in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    The advice I was given was "send them a photocopy and keep yours until they issue the new one" .
    Even if it says "please return existing certificate with application" on the letter, don't do it! Something for you to remember for next time.
    NWP got my new certs to me 6 weeks before expiry of the old ones, and have provided me with a SAE to return the old ones after the expiry date. This is despite having the request ""please return existing certificate with application" on their original renewal reminder letter. I just sent photocopy, and all ok.

    Currently, if your SGC has not expired or been revoked, you are still ok. Just a nuisance not having it in your possession though.

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    I'd just get myself to Yorkshire and enjoy shooting trip I wouldn't worry about it. You could always email them and ask them to send you a temporary one
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    As your SGC was valid until until October 2016 and you were asked to return it so that the co-terminous one could be issues rather than having it revoked legally speaking you still hold a valid SGC even though your Firearms Office are in possession of it rather than you. As such if you were to get "pulled up" by the police it should be no problem for them to do a check on their computer and see that you are still the legal holder of a valid SGC so I wouldn't worry yourself about it.
    I was without my FAC for a few weeks recently when I sent in for a variation and questioned my Firearms Office about possessing,carrying and using my rifles while my FAC was away and with them for the variation to be added, they told me that it was no worry and I should carry on stalking etc as usual and it would not be a problem.

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    You are legal.
    I take a photograph of my Licence's on my mobile phone, I find it easier to produce than carrying a photo copy.
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    If Plod had you flagged up as being in possession of weapons without certificate(s), you would have had a visit by now(perhaps).

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    You are still legal but no matter what they tell you they have no right to demand the old certificate back before the new one is issued.

    This is the up to date version of The Home Office Guidance on Firearms Licencing (dated Dec 2015)

    Section 10.51 states with regard to renewal, "the applicant may submit a photocopy of their certificate and retain the expiring certificate in order to be able to buy ammunition"

    If applying for a variation you must hand in your certificate - 10.59
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    Thanks for the help and advice, it's much appreciated.


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