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Thread: Bravecto flea tablets

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    Bravecto flea tablets

    I was given some of these to try and found that they gave my dog a raging thirst and ruined his normal iron bladder control. It took 4 weeks to wear off. Never again! This side effect isn't mentioned in the drug's literature but you don't have to look far online to find other victims. Be warned.

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    Please let your vet know, so that the side effect can be reported, recorded and investigated. Otherwise it's just anecdote.

    First I've heard of it

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    I've used Bravecto before with no noticeable side affects. I found it very effective at keeping the ticks off the dog. I do know that the ticks have to bite before they are killed which is something that some people don't like.
    Buchan what would your suggestion be for flea & tick?


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    Bravecto! or Nexguard, followed by advantix

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    Ive been using bravecto for the last year, with no side effects to my dog, seem to work well,

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