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Thread: Bavari-dors puppies:

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    Bavari-dors puppies:

    For a friend who does not do computers,

    8 x Bavari-dor puppies for sale - (i think there is one dog) The father is a ped traditional black lab. Mother is a first class Bavarian Hound.

    For people who are interested if you PM me, l can give you the owners details and you can discuss further -



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    I ask this purely out of interest and I hope I don't show my ignorance - was this a deliberate mating? I think I can imagine the merits of a Bavaridor but have never heard of them before.



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    Given the price of pedigree Bavarian pups, I seriously doubt this was deliberate. However, I can see how the offspring might make a very useful stalkers dog.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    From what we can see of them so far gents, these are going to be strongly built dogs. the mating wasn't planned, the name Bavaridor is what we've called them- it was that or Labra-hounds!

    CD - you're are dead right, i'm going to see them tomorrow again, now two weeks old - there are a few of these around, its quite surprising how many mistakes have been made!


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    Without trying to cause a lot of Bavarian people to get hot under the collar again,

    I have been told that there are two pups left (due to timewasters - )


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    labrarians! shhhh...

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pup3.JPG 
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    This one arrived half trained, very bidable.

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    Is that one of the three we bought up with us?! Cute little beggar!

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    It sure is, its a great pup quick learner. I will keep you informed as she goes.


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    AS of this morning still two dogs left, they are crackers will make great deer dogs.

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