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Thread: Zeiss Dialyt Field Spotter

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    Zeiss Dialyt Field Spotter

    I am considering investing in a spotting scope for use at the range and for spotting deer.

    Has anyone used the Zeiss Dialyt Field Spotter in the field and if yes, how do you rate it? I believe that this model can be fitted to a tripod for use at the range so is perhaps more practical than a traditional extendable spotting scope like the Swarovski.

    All comments (positive or negative) on the Zeiss, or other suggestions about what I might use as a spotting scope for the range and for stalking will be much appreciated.


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    I kept looking on e-bay until I got myself a Nickel Supra 2 draw scope complete with leather case all in a new condition for less than 100. I had heard good reports of them and I am far from disappointed - it is brilliant! 15x - 60x 60mm good, simple operation. I can see crows sitting on a hill top fence two miles away and .22 holes in paper at 300yds. It has tripod mounting point at point of balance. I like it for the hill as it is easily held steady on a stick or on the knee if laid back sitting. Refractor scopes are a pain on the hill unless you fancy humping a tripod along

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    I had a pair of Zeiss 10x42 Dialyt binoculars. Quite excellent. Except they were only "shwoerproof". Now whilst I don't intend to be out and get a soaking sometimes these things happen. So I sold it and bought Leica Trinovid BA binoculars. I do not know if the Dialyt Field Spotter is waterproof or showerproof...I do know that the glass quality OTOH will be excellent. Your call...

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    There was a very good field test and comparison of the Zeiss and Swarovski field scopes here recently.

    Swarovski CTC 30x70 Spotting Scope

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