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Thread: Seasonal Query - Who makes the best Mince Pies

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    Seasonal Query - Who makes the best Mince Pies

    Very seasonal and intended to be light-hearted.
    My son and I have purchased a number of boxes of mince pies (a Christmas favourite) and you cant get too many.
    Whilst homemade or mum's tend to be a hit with most chaps, we are trying to establish the front - runner from commercial mince pie makers.
    So far we have established that, for us;

    No1 Morrisons own (lattice)
    No2 M&S (all butter)
    No3 Mr Kipling (Deep filled)
    No4 Cheerbrookes (local farm shop to Nantwich).
    No 5 Co-op

    Anyone have their own assessments to pass on as its not too long before only the best will do - Christmas Day.

    A Merry Christmas to all !

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    Well I'm pleased to say I've never been reduced to the level of eating any of those brands of pies.
    Only the missus' will do for me!

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    On a TV survey this morning by some formidable looking seasoned mince pie baking ladies, Lidl mince pies came out on top of athe suoermarket bought mince pies tested.Ian.

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    Personally, i detest the things, i have never liked dried currants, raisans etc, got tricked into trying one when i was a kid, not knowing about them when i was told mince pie i thought Ooh! i like minced beef, never touched one since.Ian.

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    I had a Tesco finest mince pie yesterday and it was really nice - best one so far this year. Usually my mince pies get covered in double cream before consumption.

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    I don't really have any preference as I am not overly keen on mince pies. The wife buys in loads of boxes of the things every year and they never go to waste - Almost every time we get visitors she makes sure that they get a few with a cuppa. We had a couple of my mates from the gun club come to visit the other year and she actually told them that they were not allowed to leave unless they ate a mince pie first!

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    Your gran or your mam make the best mince pies ,and if your lucky they'll show your missus how to make em



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    SWMBO makes a cracking mince whirl using mincemeat with port in...
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    Chesham in Buckinghamshire.
    The Viennese pastry one are to die for.(so to speak)

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    My wife's auntie is a close second to my mum. I find the supermarket ones, like all supermarket cakes etc are too sweet for me. And the pastry is always thin and damp and floppy
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