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Thread: Wellie socks

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    Wellie socks

    Hi guys I'm sick of socks lasting a few trips out. What lasts and keep feet warm and dry?
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    Try a pair of heat holder 2.3 tog socks off the bay?

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    there.s a bloke on evilbay flogging unissued Russian army woolsocks ,warm as toast and thick as a politicians expense claim .only 3.80 delivered .got 3 pairs now bostin comfy and warm in wellies or boots atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    I am using sealskin goretex socks in every boot at the monent
    merino lined

    Very warm

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I am using sealskin goretex socks in every boot at the monent
    merino lined

    Very warm
    Me too. Warm, comfortable and dry. Excellent product.

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    Interesting query, and thanks for the useful responses.

    The problem is that without a source LINK on testimonials it's hard to share member's discoveries.

    Exactly where does one obtain these? I might be willing to squander a few pence on them.

    Is there a left hand configuration, or is this extra?
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    I get some neoprene boot socks whenever Aldi or Lidl have them in.

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    I have some reellyyy expensive Forth Element Exotherm Arctic booties which are very very good

    Fourth Element Arctic Socks - Fourth Element Undersuits - Thermals and Undersuits - Diving Scuba Diving Equipment

    I use "Hot Sox" from Travis Perkins which are also very cheep and they are just as good


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    Sealskinz "Country" sock with the wool top.

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    I always have difficulty in deciding which socks to wear in wellingtons.
    If I wear a pair of 'Wellington socks' I find they are too thick to wear comfortably because they 'squeeze' my feet up.
    If I wear thin socks or 'normal' socks my feet 'Squish' about in the boots after a while and if I wear 'Walking' socks they fit ideally and are comfortable until around mid-day by which time they have slid down below my ankle or bunched up just above my ankle.
    The only answer I can think of for the future, is to buy a pair of boots slightly larger than my normal size and settle for Sea-Boot Socks or Wellington Socks.

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