hi, stalking for a few years now. i had!! ruger 10/22 stainless/plastic hawke night eye scope sak mod for rabbits/.308 mauser s+b 8x56 and t8 for woodland stalking/steyr model m .270 leupold 4.5-14x40 bc and t8 for the hill, also had full rcbs gear and reloaded all my rounds, passed my dsc 1 in 2006, i registerd for my level 2 and done 2 full stalkes but did not have three before 3 years, (lack of time) last year i thought ide sell the lot and pack it in and just shoot shotties!! untill for some reason early this year i came accross this site and i thought why did i pack it in!! what a great site!! i have sent off for my fac and just want to go stalking (no dcs2) thanks to you all!! ime from durham/northumbria area ,ime a novice with tinternet appart from ebay!! sorry for being so long it took me 5hrs to write this!!! cheers graeme.