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Thread: Pump Action 12g Section 2 Shotgun.

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    Pump Action 12g Section 2 Shotgun.

    Open to ideas.

    Mossberg 500, Remington Wingmaster, Winchester Ranger?

    Old and tatty is fine as long as it works. Not looking to spend a lot of money!

    26" 1/2 choke would be ideal but, again, open to ideas.

    There used to be load of things like this on Guntrader but they seem harder to find now and dealers want silly money.

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    Where are u located Glyn ?

    I I might have a mossberg pump on SGC I'd sell

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    I have been looking for something similar myself, it seems hard to find a cheap pumper at the moment.

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    I have a magtec s2 pump.
    Based in Buckinghamshire
    Would swap for 1000 fibre 12g cartridges

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    They are out there...I recently bought a Mossberg 590A1 ,new for 199!

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    I've got a circa '85 Remington 870 Wingmaster that might fit your requirements. It works well, but just not got any need any more. Looking for 175 quid ONO.

    I also have a saddle rail to fit if you're interested.

    PM me if your interested. I'm in Suffolk, but can do an RFD transfer if req'd.

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    Im getting a new winchester sxp extreme defender pump action..they not bad guns under 500..and you can get 10 shot mag ext...
    .22lr, .22lr .222, .223, .243, .270, .308 , 12g fac, 12g, 12g, 12g, 12g
    and still growing.....

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    I've got a Bennelli Nova, 3.5"mag, 5 shot here. Multi choke, with 1 full choke [steel]
    It has worked but its in good condition. Can send pics to anyone interested.
    Looking for 350 + rfd-rfd costs. Cheapest on Guntrader is 400

    Not desperate to sell, but pm if you're interested

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    Thanks to everyone for their comments and offers. Hopefully got just the thing lined up. Best wishes, Glyn

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