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Thread: Which .308 rifle to buy?

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    Which .308 rifle to buy?

    I am looking to buy a new screw cut rifle in .308 for the range and for stalking. I think my budget of about £1,500 has shortlisted me to 2 rifles, the Sako 85 Synthetic Stainless and the Winchester Model 70, possibly the Coyote Light. I would appreciate any comments for or against this selection, or for other rifle recommendations within this price range? Thanks.

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    Whilst I cannot speak for the Winchester Model 70, I do own a Sako 85 synthetic stainless, albeit in .243 calibre. It is a cracking rifle. Good stock, superb trigger and very accurate. Mine has the short barrel, so I use it with a moderator (an ASE Utra North Star). Accuracy does drop off a bit if using it unmoderated. I see you want to buy yours screw cut, so assume you will be using a moderator and so this will not be an issue.

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    +1 for the Sako 85 in synthetic and stainless, i have it in both .243 and .308 and both are great rifles

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    I have two tikka t3s, v accurate and reliable, only down side being I've lite stock which I've replaced... great rifles though..
    If I was in the market at yr budget for a new.308 I'd seriously look at sauer 101 or mauser m12, think mauser might need specific mounts, not sure though, but reckon I'd end up with one of those two. New Bergara seems to get great reviews to. If you can wait and have the time / inclination the shooting show in Feb might be useful?

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    You won't go wrong with either, but I'd also have a look at the Sauer 101 in that price range.
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    I've had a Sako 85 in 308 Win for 7 years, albeit with a wooden stock. No complaints from me, in fact, I'd like a change but can't find anything that comes close; it's the full package.

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    If willing to go secondhand, look for a Sako 75 and put the difference towards the scope
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Really i would say you would be better suited to two rifles. Stalking and range shooting are two differnt beasts

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    Range work is not the same thing as target competition, so there's no reason why a good .308 couldn't do both. I use a T3 varmint with 24 inch screw cut barrel (courtesy of Swift precision Engineering who threaded it for me). That is still light enough for stalking, makes a great stalking rifle and good enough for serious target work to 800yds. I don't shoot competition nor have any plans to but do enjoy the skills challenge and development of skills. One rifle can do both very readily, but perhaps a very lightweight stalking rifle with slim sporting barrel may not be the best choice. A good 'un would do well though. You just need to consider taking more time between shots to allow the barrel to cool if shooting a slender sporter barrelled rifle. I'd be perfectly happy with any of the rifles mentioned so far which should do the job well.

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    Either fine, also worth considering a CZ, .308W Varmint Laminate looks a good tool...
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