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Thread: It always seems to happen to "The good guys"!

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    It always seems to happen to "The good guys"!

    As per the title, s**t always seems to happen to the good guys in life!
    I've just had a phone call from my sister in law to tell me that my older brother Mick (Who I am very close to) was rushed into hospital last night after suffering a stroke. He had lung cancer a few years ago and had to have a lung removed. He was making a great recovery and planned to go to Australia with his wife (Jean) for some R&R but just a couple of days before they were due to fly out Jean collapsed on the driveway at their home with an anurism(sp) on the brain. Jean made a full and good recovery and they eventually got their holiday a year later.
    Now Jean has just phoned to tell me that Mick was rushed in last night after having a stroke and they are concerned that there is a potentially serious problem with his heart.
    To say that I am worried is an understatement right now!
    Why do these sort of things always seem to happen to the good guys?

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    not good FB.

    the good guys.

    lost my dad to the big C and he was the best of the best, worked 6 night shifts and 6 day shifts a week to feed and look after 7 kids on his own in Scotland from around 1965 until 1978,

    lost grandad a few years back . solid as a rock founder of the family business and a ex Japanese POW. heart of gold and a chip on his shoulder with anything made in japan,

    brother in law (great bloke and taught me all I know about Ham radio and electronics) has just had a heart attack and then they found cancer in his throat. sister (his wife ) took ill with worry and they have taken her into hospital suffering from pleurisy in her left lung. all in the last few weeks.

    just a few of the good guys.

    seems I may be around for a long time,

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    Sorry to hear your news FB. It does seem to be those who add value to life who suffer and not those who take from it. I sincerely hope he recovers completely.

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    Sorry to hear of your sad news, there certainly does not seem to be any justice out there. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery.All the best,Jim.

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    Terrible news, and as you so rightly say "It always happens to the good guys". Lost a great many good men over the years who I lived and worked with. Time is a great healer,but right now it will not seem that way. God bless and hopefully a speedy and safe return to normality.
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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