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Thread: Goose shooting Today

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    Goose shooting Today

    Hi Guys,

    3pm today, in the North Notts area.

    Trying to get a goose for Christmas for a friend, plenty around at the moment (geese that is)
    If anyone is in the area and would like to pop down to join me, you are more than welcome.

    Please give me a call 07732328944.

    All the best Trev.
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    How did you get on , fill the freezer or were you gooseless?

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    I have never let so many geese fly over my head.
    Most were just too high, they were following a line of pylons the same height as the top wire.

    Trying so hard to get the guest a shot, a huge skein of greylags went over only about 15m up but no success, then some Canada's hedge height but no.
    The last lot landed about 70m short of him, so I ran around behind them to drive them over the guest, but they got up and flew straight at me, so I shot one.
    I felt so bad, you take a guest out and the only person to shoot one was myself.

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    Wouldn't worry about it Trev it was a good shout to offer the opportunity, i expect they had a good day out Goose or no Goose........ he probably doesn't realise how lucky he is to not have to eat the bu&&er..

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    Just like to say thanks to Trev for this mornings shooting, very generous individual, fair number of geese knocking about (even if I couldnt get to grip with them, shake too much) and I hope your rough shooting goes as well.

    Nice to meet the other Trev as well as put faces to names.

    All the very best to both of you and Happy New Year



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