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Thread: Things are looking better for Varget shooters.

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    Things are looking better for Varget shooters.

    I finally figured out how to post this photo taken at a farm and ranch supply store. That's 16 pounds of Varget on the middle shelf -at the end of a long, long aisle of bullets and powder.

    For those of you who have accused American shooters of denying you powder because of their 'panic buyng', note the sign: This rationing has been in play for at least three years now. One store has recently lifted the ration rule which is yet another sign that things are picking up.~Muir

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    With the prices here for powder where is the armed guard?

    When I checked prices to get back into reloading I nearly passed out at prices quoted! Now it has been some years since I bought any powder but it was a real shock the prices are so high now. Nearly 40 a tub! Not used varget but used to use H380 and Reloader 15. That varget alone would cost over 600 to buy here at current prices.

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    I just came back from Texas yesterday, stocks really seem to be better.

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    switched from varget to viht in a few calibres and no hassle in supplies rifles shoot better if im honest with the viht loads more so in my 6br bench gun.

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    Was in he states a couple of weeks ago and the places I visited all had a 3 box limit on rimfire and centre fire ammo. I was suprised to see that they were still rationing.

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    There is almost no 22WMR ammo and the little bits of (mostly European) .22 we get are exorbitantly priced. I would be in dire straits if I didn't have a lot of 22LR on hand through these times.~Muir

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    I also thought 22lr supply was low in comparison, our little shops have more to offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    I also thought 22lr supply was low in comparison, our little shops have more to offer.
    It is. I have yet to figure out what is driving the manufacturers to not produce 22LR ammo. They make train-loads of 17HMR but no 22LR and 22WMR. When you find it, a 50 round box of 22LR is around $8 for the cheap stuff. 22WMR is over $20 a box. These prices are well over double what they were. CCI's line is that they are making as much, or more, LR than they every have but that is pure . Nobody has seen any quantity of 22LR in four years; not at the retail level, nor the distributor's level.~Muir

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    Looking closer at the photo Varget at about 22 a pound
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    Oh to have a shop close by with shelves that look like those!!

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