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Thread: Winchester .22-250 64 grain Super-X Power-Point question

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    Winchester .22-250 64 grain Super-X Power-Point question

    Hi all

    I've a friend in Ireland who's on the lookout for some .22-250 Winchester 64 grain Super-X Power-Point rounds, does anyone know of a shop selling these in the UK?

    Also does anyone know who the Winchester importer in the UK is, there's no info on their website?


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    Hi i dont know if you reload but my mate has ordered 95 grain SST in .243 and 58 grain VMAX of this guy . He's very cheap and posts to the uk he does all calibre bullet heads hope this helps

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    how do get expanding ammo posted to you? also who enter's it on to your f.a.c ? Unless you are a .r.f.d

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    how do get expanding ammo posted to you? also who enter's it on to your f.a.c ? Unless you are a .r.f.d
    My mate took a delivery yesterday of 100 95 grain SST (expanding) and 58grain VMAX (expanding) from the states to South Wales. It only took 8 days to come and tips expanding or not dont go on your ticket happy days it much cheaper than uk

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    i understand the cheap side as i have on many occasion's ordered from the U.S.A. but "EXPANDING PROJECTILES" IF i order from say Midwayuk or like's they have to be sent to a R.F.D and when i go to pick these up he then by "LAW" has to enter them on to my F.A.C. So surely if you friend has not done this is he then not in breach of his F.A.C. Just for the record it does pee me off that i can noy have expanding projectiles sent to me and have to enter them on my F.A.C and NON EXPANDING does not eg A-MAX

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    Not this old chestnut again

    NO bullets have to be entered on your FAC by "LAW", regardless of whether they are expanding or not. Anyone who tells you they do, be it an RFD or a FLO, is wrong. Ask them to point you to the section of the Firearms Act, or Home Office Guidance document, where it says they do.

    "Some" constabularies now "request" that RFD's enter expanding ammunition on your FAC. This is not law and is, to all intents and purposes, illegal as only ammunition and firearms can be entered on your FAC. A cynic would say this is back-door law making, others would say certain RFD's have made "accounting errors" in the past and the powers that be are trying to wind them in. Either way, expanding bullets don't go on an FAC.

    Expanding bullets are to "be regarded as ammunition" only in the sense that you have to have authority to buy them in the first place and they count toward your ammunition allowances.

    If your RFD insists on entering expanding bullets on your FAC, I would suggest you stop using him and go to someone else. I have been buying expanding bullets for over 25yrs (way before they were restricted in any way) and have NEVER had them entered on my FAC despite buying a few thousand a year.

    MidwayUK, or any other supplier, can not send you expanding bullets directly and have to send them via an RFD. This is simply because they can not verify your FAC conditions without you being there in person, FAC in hand.

    As far as I am aware, it is not illegal for the USA to send expanding bullets to anyone in the UK, but it is an offence for you to receive them . This could have changed tho, depending on the sellers interpretation of the Patriot Act brought in a few years ago.

    There is no problem with them sending anyone non-expanding bullets, or you receiving them. In fact, I import a couple of thousand a year myself

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    My mate had no trouble he placed his order and they came 8 days later on the parcel it said 243 58 grain vmax and 95 grain sst the seller put them down as a gift must be for some tax reasons. Happy days im going to order a few soon.

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    manc-munsters NOT looking for a ruck over this BUT my F.A.C States i may possess, purchass or acquire expanding ammunitio or missiles etc TURN overtable state how many i can buy and hold go to Table 2 Ammunition.
    (A) Date of sale or transfer-(b)Name and address of person selling or transferring ammunition-(c)Quantity of ammunition-(d)Calibre and description of ammunition-(e)Authority to possess(eg firarm certificate or dealer's registered number)
    I certify that the entries i have made in columms A to E alongside are correct and relate to a transaction with the holder of this certificate that i have inspected the record of the previous transactions and that i have satisfied myself that the transactions will not place the holder of the certificate in the possession of ammunition in excess of or otherwise than as authorised by this certificate
    So is my ticket i have had for 34yrs Wrong (yes it has been renewed over this time) And Gun shop's all over the uk i have visited for bullet head's wrong Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    So is my ticket i have had for 34yrs Wrong (yes it has been renewed over this time) And Gun shop's all over the uk i have visited for bullet head's wrong Help
    No, your ticket is not wrong, but the shops you are using ARE wrong. Your "ticket" does not state what should, or should not, be entered on it, it just gives you authority to aquire and hold certain items (ie firearms and ammunition)

    It is the LAW that states what should be entered on your FAC. The law does NOT state that expanding bullets (there is no such thing as bullet heads) should be entered on your FAC. Again, only firearms and ammunition should be entered on an FAC (for clarity, before someone brings it up, moderators are seen as components of firearms in the UK)

    I have only twice been requested to give my FAC over to have bullets entered on it. On one occasion I just turned and never went back and on the second I produced a letter from the H.O and gave the shop owner my mobile phone so he could ring them at my expense. The shop has since ceased trading.

    Like you say, not up for a ruck on this, just clarifying a point you made in response to someones post.

    If you, or anyone else, would like clarification I suggest you ring the Home Office. When ever I have any questions regarding firearms they are the first people I call. They are always very helpful and even if they can not answer immediatley, they will get back to you ASAP. Best of all, they will even write to you confirming the conversation and the subject matter if you ask.

    Its all rather accademic anyway because if/when redthunder's "mate" is caught importing expanding ammunition he is looking at a 3-5 stretch anyway ;-(

    edit, sorry meant to add

    Your FAC is only authority to purchase/posses, hence why you now have to show it for aquiring primers but they don't get entered on the FAC. I believe, but cant confirm (as it is many years since I bought one) that you also must now show your FAC to purchase a new loading press. Again, without it being entered on the actual FAC. These new measures were brought in under the "VCR" bill.
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    thank's i will take your advice, not wont to sound boring i had this out with various gun shop's (a mate of 30+yrs own's one) + my F.A.O and F.A.D- HQ because i think it is a load of tosh but "ALL" say as i have stated. I am on there case a.s.a.p

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