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Thread: Repainting a scope tube

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    Repainting a scope tube

    I've got a NF NSX on my out-going vermin rifle. I've got in the habit of leaning the rifle against the passenger seat in the car so it rolls round and rests on the scope and its rubbed the paint off the tube. As I'm changing rifles and transferring the scope now would be a good time to pretty it up. What's the best paint to use for an invisible touch up?

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    I would look at having the scope coated. More expensive than a paint job. It will however be harder wearing

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    Makes sense. Where can I get that done. Any links?

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    Jäger sa on here can do it. A fefriends have had rifles done by him. Very good work from what I have seen I'm sure someone else will have other contacts. Most gun shops will have someone to outsource cerakote or duracoat jobs. I believe cerakote is better for scopes however I'm no expert.

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    Cerakote is an excellent way of tidying up a scope. Tactical Coatings in Hereford are closer to you than Jager and offer a good service. They can give excellent advice on the best way to sharpen your scope - lots of photos on their web and FB pages.
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