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Thread: Pro's & Con's

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    Pro's & Con's

    I'm getting a .308.
    Not new but a good quality rifle. The quandry is which one.
    Tika M55 Trapper, Tika 595 or a Tikka T3 Light.
    This rifle will be my general foxing and stalking rifle.
    I also like to throw a few bits of lead down the range occasionally. nothing serious.
    They are all priced about the same so thats not an issue.
    To be honest the 595 is synthetic / stainless and I'm taking a shine to it but the M55 is so sweet.
    I just dunno.
    Whats peoples thoughts on these rifles.

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    The 595 Lovely long as you have a heavy barrel for the range and stalking. If you are likeley to fire strings of shots. A heavier barrell would be better suited

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    I have a 595 in.308, though wood and blued. Its a lovely rifle. Mine's a light barrel and I assumed when I bought it I'd soon be rebarrelling with something heavier especially as I like a bit of informal range shooting as well. But to be honest it shoots so well and its so light and well balanced I won't be changing it. The action to my mind feels slicker and less clacky than the T3 and the finish and general quality feels a bit higher (the woodwork is particularly nice) but the T3 will shoot every bit as well and the trigger will probably be lighter out of the box.
    The only mild irritation with the 595 is the plastic magazine well and the cheap plastic 3 shot mag. The spring in the mag feels like its too small allowing the follower plate to tip forward and get stuck down sometimes when feeding a round into it. It works perfectly in operation I have to say but feels a bit tacky when you're filling it. Not a patch on the metal mags on older Sakos for example. A 5 shot mag would have been nice as well.
    A very minor detail though in an otherwise superb rifle. Find a good one and it'll be a keeper.

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    I had a similar quandary earlier in the year. I couldn't find a decent 595, had been looking for months and funds were burning a hole and a nice T3 came up. I don't regret my decision.

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    My two pennorth --

    -- Assuming all rifles have perfect bores & are in similar action wear condition.
    The M55 has no plastic in it & a very sound bedding layout, so that would be my first choice - Fantastic action (I have a Master Sporter in 223).
    The M595 does have plastic bottom hardware & bolt shroud & also a very good bedding system. - my second choice. Great action (I have a 243 & a choice of wood or synthetic stock for it).
    The plastic stock is a bit "plastic-y" & can be noisy if knocked. I use a neoprene welly but cover on mine to keep it quiet & hold a cheek lift pad in place so it fits me perfectly for scope height/eye alignment.
    The T3 has plastic bits & allegedly a poorer bedding/recoil lug arrangement. My third choice.(not got one of those).
    Both the M55 & M595 triggers are excellent & adjust easily - I presume the T3 is the same.
    All three actions can be re-barrelled - The M55 & M595 are much sought after for this reason & from what I hear the T3 is fine too although not quite as desirable. Mind you it should be a long time before any 308 needs a new tube!
    There are many after market bits for the T3 if you want to spend money - less so for the others (they don't need it in my experience ).

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    It's been said before - the only problem with the 595 is they stopped making it. I have synthetic/stainless one in .308, albeit with a metal 5 round magazine. It's a fine working tool that will certainly see me out. I'm not any sort of plastics/composite expert but the synthetic on my 595 looks and feels much less plastic than the later T3s?

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    Thanks for the replies.
    My heart says the M55 but it seems for practicallity the M595 seems to be the preffered choice.
    The only worry I have with the M595 is the weight.
    The barell does seem heavier than the M55 and it is a lighter gun I'm after.
    I have a T3 in 22.250 so know the weight and how plastically they feel. also how accurate they are.
    A little more thought required here I think.

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    I have an M55 and an M65, bought new 30 yrs ago and both very good rifles. I would love a trapper in .308 with its lighter weight and 20" barrel ( possible 19" - 21" ). Always thought it would make an excellent woodland rifle. Like all the M55/65 series, they are well built and accurate. Second choice would be the M595.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kal View Post
    The only worry I have with the M595 is the weight.
    It's not a GPMG and 500 rnds of mixed link kal! Unless you have some form of physical impairment or disability I'm not sure the weight difference would make that much difference? If you want a general purpose rifle - foxing, stalking & some range work - then a bit more weight wouldn't be a bad thing. Given that "It's raining" at your location, stainless/synthetic might be a better choice?

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